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Re: Debian vs. Fedora on Laptops

On Sunday 26 December 2004 06:40, Tim Ebenezer wrote:
> Hi Again,

> I built my kernel from source without it. Debian has a very unique great
> way of installing a kernel. First apt-get kernel-source-2.6.x (x being

Shouldn't that be apt-get install kernel-source-2.6.x?

> the version you want), then go to /usr/src, and usr tar -xvjf to untar
> the source file, then go into the directory, apt-get install make-kpkg,

Huh? Don't you mean apt-get install kernel-package?

There is no make-kpkg package.

> then configure the kernel using make menuconfig (it'll give you a menu
> where you can select options), then use make-kpkg, to build a kernel
> package, once it's done - do cd .., and then apt-get install
> kernel-image-2.6.x-whatever.. and it'll be in grub when you reboot..

Huh? Don't you mean dpkg -i kernel-image-whatever?

I would recommend you use aptitude to get both kernel-package and 
kernel-source at the same time. Then you can unpack it like you describe, 
configure it and make it. Then use dpkg -i to install.


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