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Re: Debian vs. Fedora on Laptops

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Hi Again,

Ryan D'Baisse wrote:
| I have looked there and they do have mine listed.  Unfortunately, the
| walk-through is for Fedora and RH9.  Not knowing much about the
| differences, I was not too sure how much of it would apply to Debian.

Peripheral drivers is the big deal - and XFree configs; if it has
sufficient info for that, I assume, it'll be fine.

| I tried using ndiswrapper with Fedora and did not have much success.
| Mind if I ask what NIC you are using?

Broadcom Wireless. Ndiswrapper is easy to build from source - just
simple ./configure && make && make install, then use ndiswrapper -i

| How did you elect not to use it?  I mean, in Fedora the only choice I
| had was to either use it OR download a vanilla kernel and start adding
| to it.  Since I don't know SQUAT about the kernel, I opted to simply
| go back to an early version of FC2.

I built my kernel from source without it. Debian has a very unique great
way of installing a kernel. First apt-get kernel-source-2.6.x (x being
the version you want), then go to /usr/src, and usr tar -xvjf to untar
the source file, then go into the directory, apt-get install make-kpkg,
then configure the kernel using make menuconfig (it'll give you a menu
where you can select options), then use make-kpkg, to build a kernel
package, once it's done - do cd .., and then apt-get install
kernel-image-2.6.x-whatever.. and it'll be in grub when you reboot..

| Interesting.  I used apt-get with RH until they started pushing yum on
| Fedora.  Honestly, I liked apt-get much better.

Debian is built on apt, works great.

| I'm using VMWare myself.  I'm actually a M$ developer that is jumping
| ship.  So, VMWare keeps me supporting my customers while I move to
| Linux.

I have one product that I develop on Windows - and that's why I use
VMware - Win4lin might be a better alternative, a LOT faster. I don't
have Windows installed on my computer anymore - and it does everything I

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Tim Ebenezer
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