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Re: Custom DSDT--The Debian Way?

On Monday 20 December 2004 04:24, Ridge Chittenden wrote:
> Hello all,
> The DSDT on my Dell Inspiron 300m seems buggy--KDE
> tells me I "appear to have a partial ACPI
> installantion," and I get a bunch of ACPI errors on
> bootup.
> I'd like to try to edit the DSDT (or use one from
> acpi.sourceforge.net).
> But there are a bunch of different methods listed at
> the ACPI project: A kernel patch that statically links
> the custom DSDT in, another patch that allows the
> kernel to load a custom DSDT in an initrd. (N.B.:
> These patches appear to be against a vanilla
> kernel...)
> So what's The Debian Way to do it? What do other folks
> do?
I asked a very similar question a couple of weeks ago, and
got the answer that there was no Debian way, and that the
ACPI group preferred way is to statically link the customer 

I have to say that I think this is the wrong choice, as the 
initrd choice gives the option of using a stock kernel, which
the link in choice does not.  

Until recently building ones own kernel for a laptop was 
almost required in order to get it to work properly, and
actually one of the reasons for this was the ACPI support
which seemed to take a while to get into the kernel.  But
recently I have set up two laptops with Debian, and both
of them are running stock kernels.  Yes on both of them
I have had to add in some modules (the madwifi driver for
Atheros wireless support), but that is done without modifying
the base kernel.

> Thanks,
> R.
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