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Re: ACPI suspend Dell 700m 2.6.9 kernel, wont wake up?

El sáb, 18-12-2004 a las 22:57 -0800, Benedek Frank escribió:
> Hi
> On my Dell 700m I am trying to make suspend work. The battery life is just 
> horrible, 2 hours flat, so suspend is a must.

 Here are more or less explained steps I followed to suspend my inspiron
510m. Perhaps everything is not suitable to your laptop, but it can
perhaps give you some hints.


> By the way, I also compiled a kernel with the swsusp2 patch, and it looked 
> good, but that was way to serious of a suspend for me, it actually shuts the 
> machine down. It must be great for a suspend when you are on a deserted 
> island, but all I need is a suspend for a few hours, so to memory is fine 
> enough. 

 The expected behaviour of swsusp2 is write to swap and then shut down
the machine. I am not sure if you can let it sleeping, as in RAM

 Hope it helps
Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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