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ACPI suspend Dell 700m 2.6.9 kernel, wont wake up?


On my Dell 700m I am trying to make suspend work. The battery life is just 
horrible, 2 hours flat, so suspend is a must. 

I installed a 2.6.9 kernel. When I do a suspend to memory 

echo "mem" > /sys/power/state

It goes into suspend and the power light starts to blink. That is perfect. 
However, when I press any key, nothing happenes. The machine does not 
respond. If I close the lid and open it back up, the power light becomes 
solid (not blinking), but the machine does not come back alive, or at least I 
cannot see anything on the display.

When I press the power button, while the machine is suspended, the light comes 
solid and the machine starts to work hard. But, instead of coming back live, 
it shuts down. Do I miss something ? Like a script for the "lid" event ? 
Please educate me, as I dont know.

By the way, I also compiled a kernel with the swsusp2 patch, and it looked 
good, but that was way to serious of a suspend for me, it actually shuts the 
machine down. It must be great for a suspend when you are on a deserted 
island, but all I need is a suspend for a few hours, so to memory is fine 


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