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Re: Loud Harddrive Clicking noise periodicaly-Dell700m

Fredag den 17. december 2004 00:48 skrev Benedek Frank:
> However, All I get is  tick   and then nothing for 10-20-30 mintues, and
> then again, tick.
> Anybody heard that before?

This is the sound I was talking about in my post. I will maintain my position, 
that it is not a problem.

However, if you /are/ worried about this, maybe you can try and find a 
diagnostics tool for your drive, I know seagate makes a specific tool for 
their drive, that you can get from their homepage. Maybe you can find a 
similar tool for your drive.

Another option are the SMART HD monitoring tools for linux.


P.S. Everybody, please stick to the subject. We don't want to hear about HDs 
that are not detected in /this/ thread. If you have a problem with your drive 
not being detected, make you own thread about that.

And for PETE'S sake. stop CC'ing me with your posts. I AM ON THE LIST! :-)

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