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Kernel Headers question (and Winmodems)

I'm going to try and get the winmodem working in my Toshiba laptop.
>From a quick look it seems like I'll need to build the ltmodem package
from http://ltmodem.heby.de/

I build kernel images for my laptop on a separate machine and then
copy the kernel-image-*.deb to the laptop for installation.  I'll need
kernel headers to build the ltmodem package.  I'm wondering what the
best method is to get the headers on the laptop -- and how the differ:

1) Should I just copy /usr/src/kernel-source-2.6.9 to the laptop and
setup a /usr/src/linux symlink?

2) use make-kpkg kernel_headers (which I've never done) to build a
kernel headers package and install that on the laptop?

3) or use the Debian kernel-headers-2.6.9-1-686 package.  I'm not sure
if I can do that since I build my own kernel.

Also, anyone have experience getting a winmodem working?  I've got a
Xircom (Lucent/Agere DSP) mini-PCI K56Flex modem.

The scanModem script says I need ltmodem-8.31a9.tar.gz.

The info online about winmodems seems to be a confusing mix of
looping web links, and it's hard to know what's outdated or is different
with 2.6 kernels.

Bill Moseley

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