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Re: MIC's loud and Speaker screams when sound module loads. Why?

On Friday 03 December 2004 05:52, p wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 01:11:43PM -0800, Benedek Frank wrote:
> __deletia__
> > Can you tell me, when the recompile is done, what do I do? How do I
> > insert the module late, when KDM starts? Write a little script like
> >
> > modprobe esssolo1
> >
> > ???
> //
> insmod <name of module>
> kthxbye.
> b.
> //


I got somewhat further. Now, I established that aumix in fact works, just not 
early enough. If I set the name of the file under /etc/rd.2/S20aumix to 
S10aumix, it will load sooner, and the screaming goes away sooner too. It is 
almost acceptable now. However I would still very much like to know what 
loads the esssolo1 module. I blacklisted it, and I blacklisted all the other 
sound related things, snd_es1938.

Now, the snd_es1938 wont load, and that is half success. However the esssolo1 
loads, even blacklisted. Upon boot, it shows, that essolo1 and e100 
(ethernet) are the only two modules that load prior to Hotplug's execution. 
What on earth loads those two modules? It says "Hardware detection" right 
before they are loaded. 



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