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Re: ati radeon 9600 problem [SOLUTION]

Hi Ivan Glushkov, *,

Ivan Glushkov wrote:

> Hi List,
> I was trying to install on my laptop the driver from ati for Ati Radeon 
> 9600,  it was unsuccessful, but not that is tyhe main problem. The main 
> problem is that it has changed something, and now every time I try to 
> "apt-get" some package, I get:
> [...] 
Many problems ;)

Don't look at ati's hp how to install the driver. better have a look here:

This is a package builder and it works perfectly. Generates diverts, so you
don't have to force anything. Also the documentation is perfect.

Kind Regards

Martin Theiß <mtheiss@neo.wh-stuttgart.de>
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