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Re: MIC's loud and Speaker screams when sound module loads. Why?


Thanks for responding. Answering the question, no I do not use ALSA. I use 
OSS. I guess I was lazy to move over to Alsa.

Is there a way to fix it with OSS? What I think it is, is that it brings it up 
with Hotplug. Maybe with Hotplug I can pass a command to the module, so that 
it wont start out loudly?


On Tuesday 30 November 2004 03:13 pm, Frans Pop wrote:
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> On Wednesday 01 December 2004 00:00, Benedek Frank wrote:
> > When the machine boots, and the sound module gets loaded (solo1) a
> > screaming noise start coming out from the speaker, and won't be quiet
> > until I mute the MIC in KDE. Now, KDE remembers my default settings, so
> > whenever KDE loads up, the noise goes away, but it is still a pain.
> > Until its loaded, the noise reamins, waking up people in the house,
> > when I try to work. :(
> Are you running ALSA?
> If so, check 'info alsactl', /etc/default/alsa and
> /var/lib/alsa/asound.state.
> I would guess you need to make sure the default settings/volume read by
> ALSA when the modules are loaded are wrong. KDE overrules this with it's
> own settings, but only after it starts.
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