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MIC's loud and Speaker screams when sound module loads. Why?


On my NEC Ultralite, I installed Debian Sarge. It had Windows 2000 from 
factory, but I just had to kill that off. Debian runs perfect, and I have no 
complains except this one:

When the machine boots, and the sound module gets loaded (solo1) a screaming 
noise start coming out from the speaker, and won't be quiet until I mute the 
MIC in KDE. Now, KDE remembers my default settings, so whenever KDE loads up, 
the noise goes away, but it is still a pain. Until its loaded, the noise 
reamins, waking up people in the house, when I try to work. :(

Does anybody has a similar issue with a laptop? I googled for it, but found no 



p.s. Recently I posted several questions here on this mailing list, sorry for 
being a pain, and thanks for the patience.

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