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Re: Alsa HP zv5000 ATI IXP150 AC'97 (misery loves company)

On Sat, Nov 27, 2004 at 10:46:02AM +0100, Mateusz Milian wrote:
> #/etc/init.d/alsa restart
> Storing ALSA mixer settings...failed.
> Starting ALSA.../etc/init.d/alsa: Error: alsactl restore failed with 
> message 'alsactl: load_state:1134: No soundcards found...'.
> done.
> It seems all moduls are corectly loaded.  
> #lsmod |grep snd
> snd_atiixp             19880  0
> snd_ac97_codec         59268  1 snd_atiixp
> snd_pcm                85384  1 snd_atiixp
> snd_timer              23172  1 snd_pcm
> snd                    50660  4 snd_atiixp,snd_ac97_codec,snd_pcm,snd_timer
> soundcore               9824  1 snd
> snd_page_alloc         11144  2 snd_atiixp,snd_pcm
> Reely I've got no idea, whtat's wrong:(
> Greets
> mateusz

I cannot offer any help, but on my Dell laptop I have exactly the same
problems. Alsa was previously working fine, suddenly I went to play a
movie and realized I had no sound. 

I have a this Dell laptop and a desktop, both running sid, both of
which I apt-get dist-upgrade at the same time. There was recently an
update for alsa that I noticed both machines dutifully installed, this
was perhaps a week a go now, not sure.
The desktop, also running alsa has no problems whatsoever with sound
but now my laptop cannot find any soundcard at all. 

Did you recently upgrade any alsa packages? 
Angelina Carlton

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