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Re: Alsa HP zv5000 ATI IXP150 AC'97

Sudarshana Koushik wrote:

Did u apt-get install any of the alsamixers like alsamixer-gui, and
try to unmute all the channels? by default they are all muted. If xmms
or alsaconf detects the audio card, then most probably this is all
that you need to do.
unfortunately It's not so easy, alsaconf detects correctly my soundcard but after there is error:

>Running update-modules...
>Loading driver...
>Starting ALSA.../etc/init.d/alsa: Error: alsactl restore failed with message 'alsactl: load_state:1134: No soundcards found...'.
>Setting default volumes...
>Saving the mixer setup used for this in /var/lib/alsa/asound.state.
>/usr/sbin/alsactl: save_state:1061: No soundcards found...
>Now ALSA is ready to use.
>For adjustment of volumes, use your favorite mixer.
>Have a lot of fun!

I found out that It can be problem with kernel


but there is now solution:(

I've tried use kernel 2.4.x, but there are a lot of diefrent problems, so I've decided to leave this idea.

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