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once bitten, twice nvidia


In an attempt to clean up some space in my /usr partition on my laptop I
cleaned out a bunch of programs I'm pretty sure I didn't need (mailman,
jack, a few kde tools, etc). Because I was using dselect the next step was
to go through and update my packages. All fine so far. However, when I
rebooted my laptop it turns out that my nVidia packages had also been
updated and no longer matched the kernel. *gulp* (nVidia is my nemesis.)

Using the instructions at:
I updated my system with the new nVidia packages from unstable
(1.0.6629). Everything's going swimmingly, I know this drill by heart. I
follow all the steps, I know how to do this and then BOOM! When I "startx"
the screen goes dead. I don't mean that light gray-back-light-still-on
"dead" I mean "off" dead.

As best I can tell my laptop does not like the 1.0.6629 package, but I
don't understand how I can find the old (1.0.5536, maybe?) package to put
it back on my system. I've tried changing my /etc/apt/sources.list to
testing, running apt-get update, removing, and then re-installing the
package, but this gives me the same (unstable) package.

Because I have clever moments, I recently burned a MEPIS CD as a recovery
tool. I'm not sure what the configuration is for X, but it works like a
charm, and has X available to me. The /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file implies
it's using nvidia, but I'm not sure how I could scoop the modules off the
CD to use on my harddrive.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Emma Jane Hogbin
Mobile  : 416 417 2868 
Web     : www.xtrinsic.com

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