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APIC issue

Hi @all,

i installed Debian 3.0 R3 on my HP NX7010 Laptop and it worked all fine. Ther kernel was the shipped 2.4.18.

When it booted, it had an message: "Local APIC disabled by BIOS -- reenabling"

Yesterday i compiled the new vanilla kernel 2.4.28 without any patches:
I fetched the config file from the /boot directory, made an "make oldbooot", "make menuconfig", "make_dpkg kernel_image ...", and an "dpkg --install ..."

Worked like a piece of cake :)

But when i checked the message file it said: "No local APIC"

I checked the apic compile flags, those are identical ... is there an kernel-patch i have to install or anything else i missed?


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