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Re: Really small kernel

On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 05:26:44PM +0000, ognjen Bezanov wrote:
> Thanks for all the answers, 
> In essence i want to keep the kernel  small so that it boots up as fast
> as possible.
> Do using (or not using) modules make a difference to the total size when
> loaded into ram?

I leave Module support turned on, but once I have a pretty clear handle 
on things, I just compile everything I want as built-in.  I think that 
compiling things you rarely use as modules would probably save some 
working set memory.

On a G3 powerbook, I disabled USB support completely, Firewire 
completely, PCMCIA completely, and compiled SCSI as builtin, IDE as 
builtin, Alsa as builtin, Network as builtin, NFS as builtin, SMBFS as 
builtin, ISO9660/Compressed/etc as builtin, but things like NTFS and 
VFAT as modules.

It's not hard.  You just do it.  The decision tree for "make menuconfig" 
isn't that broad or deep.

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