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Re: how to post--configure the Xserver, (XF86Setup or the alike)

Uwe Brauer wrote:

After having installed Knoppix 3.3 on my Laptop, and upgrading to SID,
I   tried to    connect a  cordless    Logitech mouse,   via  the  USB
port. However it is not detected my the Xserver.  When I boot from the
Knoppix CD again, it is  detected, but of course I  don't want to redo
the installation. I  could  try to edit    the X86Config file,   but I
remember from my earlie SuSe days, that there  was a GUI (XF86Setup or
something  like this) which  allows  me a configuration without editing
the XF86Config file.

Due to the fact, that you don't know anything about lsusb or /proc/bus/usb not even about 'man 5x XF86Config-4' I am seriously in doubt that you will be happy running SID on a laptop. Installing debian SID via Knoppix is unsupported und disencouraged especially on rather complicated machines as laptops.
BTW - what a model of a laptop are you running, at all?
What a kernel are you running, do you have hotplug installed?
You're missing Funny-Susi-GUIs and you are running *SID*?!
Do you have any idea what you are actually doing?

OK - seriuosly:
I highly commend you to get rid of SID. Get the actual 'sarge' netinstall image from debian.org, *read the documentation*, do a clean install. Sarge is quite actual, and will soon be 'stable' - so it's best choice at the current time. SID will cause you more trouble than you'll expect, and nobody will be willing to help a Debian newbee to run a developer's distribution.

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