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wrong list, ignore this. Re: software suspend 2 (swsusp2), patching a Debian source package kernel vs Vanilla

-- oh crap, wrong list. My apologies. I have already posted this request in this list. This was indented for debian-user.


Apparently, _H. S._, on 22/10/04 13:17,typed:
On the webpage (http://softwaresuspend.berlios.de/Software-suspend-2.html) in Section 2.4, they say regarding swsusp2 patches : "If your kernel is not the vanilla one from kernel.org, you will have to apply these patches manually and edit some of the rejected hunks."

Is the source I get from Debian sources "kernel-source-XYZ" vanilla?

If it is, I could just do
$> patch -p1 ../patch-name-here

and continue with:
$>make menuconfig
$>make-kpkg --append-to-version=.2.hs --initrd kernel_image modules_image
$>..install the deb ...
$> rm /usr/src/linux
and reboot

However, if the kernel-source-XYZ we get from Debian is NOT vanilla, applying the above patch would be more convoluted so I might as well just use the kernel directly from kernel.org (or a mirror).

PS: is the user.laptop mailing usually much less quiter than this one?

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