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Re: compaq armada 4210t docking bay network card

Sverre Helge Bolstad wrote:


Im trying to install debian for the first time on a Compaq Armada 4210t, 3Gb HD, 96Mb RAM, P233, laptop without CDR-drive and with the network card in the docking bay.

I get as far as to configure the network before installing the base system. Im using a floppy network install with 6 floppys. (root.bin, rescue.bin and 4 driver.bin floppys) Is this the best way to do a network install ?

The problem is I cant find the network driver. Its not a PCMCIA-card ,its built in to the docking bay and called something like Compaq armada 4210 family ethernet card. (checked in windows, cant remember exactly..)

Do I have to get the driver on a floppydisk from somewhere, I cant find it for linux nowhere.
Is there another way to get around (or straight at ) this ?

Should I go for another distro ? (I hope not...)


Hi Steve,
I've had one of these machines before. As fas as I could ever tell you can not get the network interface built into the dock to work under linux. An inexpensive PCMCIA card is by far the best way to go. The one I ended up with was a 3com 3c562d. I know netgear 410tx works as well. There are a many others cards that other people on this list could recommend. (Actually, I wouldn't mind a couple of suggestions myself!)


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