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compaq armada 4210t docking bay network card


Im trying to install debian for the first time on a Compaq Armada 4210t, 3Gb HD, 96Mb RAM, P233, laptop without CDR-drive and with the network card in the docking bay.

I get as far as to configure the network before installing the base system. Im using a floppy network install with 6 floppys. (root.bin, rescue.bin and 4 driver.bin floppys) Is this the best way to do a network install ?

The problem is I cant find the network driver. Its not a PCMCIA-card ,its built in to the docking bay and called something like Compaq armada 4210 family ethernet card. (checked in windows, cant remember exactly..)

Do I have to get the driver on a floppydisk from somewhere, I cant find it for linux nowhere.
Is there another way to get around (or straight at ) this ?

Should I go for another distro ? (I hope not...)


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