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Re: Help, installing softmodem driver


Sorry, seems there's a package called sl-modem-daemon in Debian package
list. I read the article about softmodem in Toshiba, and run directly
to the download site...

I installed sl-modem-daemon, without sl-modem-source. Seems it can use
the ALSA driver.

Okay, after installing sl-modem-daemon, i installed KPPP, dialup tool
for KDE. First I cannot start KPPP, found out /usr/bin/kppp belong to
"dip" group, so added my account to dip group.

When using the KPPP to query the modem, found err msg "unable to open
modem". So I trace /dev/modem, and all the symbolic links it links to.
And found that the last dev in the link belong to group "dialout". I
added my account to "dialout" group. Still got the same "unable to open
modem" msg. Here's the modem command I got from KPPP.

Pre-init delay (sec/100) : 50
Initialization string 1  : ATZ
Initialization string 2  :
Post-init delay (sec/100): 50
Dialing speed (sec/100)  : 70
Init response            : OK
No dial tone detection   : ATX3
Dial string              : ATDT
Connect response         : CONNECT
Busy response            : BUSY
No carrier response      : NO CARRIER
No dial tone response    : NO DIALTONE
Hangup string            : +++ATH
Hangup response          : OK
Answer string            : ATA
Ringtone response        : RING
Answer response          : CONNECT
DLP response             : DIGITAL LINE DETECTED
Escape string            : +++
Escape response          : OK
Guard time (sec/50)      : 50
Volume off/low/high      : M0L0   M1L1   M1L3

Is the above setting correct for sl-modem? Many thx.

- Rony -

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