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Re: KDE System Notifications

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, Fede wrote:
<<I am running a 2.6.8 kernel with ALSA. In KDE, XMMS, MPlayer, and all the 
other media players work fine. Furthermore, when I press "Test Sound" in the 
Sound System section of the Control Center, a sound is played (even if XMMS 
is playing in the background). However, I get none of the so called "System 
Notifications" sounds.>>

Out of curiousity, is yours a knoppix hdinstall?  I tried that a while
back and couldn't get any of my system sounds either.  After a HD crash,
I installed debian itself, and not only have I been much happier with a lighter system, but my system sounds
are back.  I also am running a 2.6.8 kernel. Not sure if this applies to
your case, but perhaps it will be helpful.

If it is a knoppix hdinstall, you can check these links


Hope those help

Jason Powers

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