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Re: No sound after installing KDE...

I'm running ALSA with 2.6.8, but every time I start KDE (as opposed to 
just leaving myself logged in) all the volume controls are reduced to 
zero.  I turned on KDE sound service, no change. I am using kmix to 
watch the problem and turn the volume up, it seems to work fine and I 
haven't had any lock problems.


On Wednesday 13 October 2004 08:00, Anders Breindahl was heard to say:
> To me, it sound like you're trying to play some audio file from
> within KDE using some direct interface like /dev/dsp or /dev/dsp0.
> However, by default, KDE enables artsd, which locks the sound card.
> Try `artsplay <soundfile>'?
> I could be wrong, but this was my first thought.
> Regars, Anders.
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