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wierd neofb framebuffer problem, blank screen if no CD drive

Up till today everything was OK. Today I upgraded kernel from 2.6.8-3 to
2.6.8-4 Debian revision. 

And I always started my laptop wth vga=303 parameter to get 800x600
screen, instead of the ugly emulated 640x480 (LCD physical resolution is

This loaded vesafb framebuffer. After this upgrade, a few seconds
after GRUB boots, and the vesafb is activated, the screen goes blank,
and laptop doesn't continue the boot (the HDD led doesn't light)
If I remove vga=303, it boots normally. 

Then: I downgraded the kernel back to 2.6.8-3, but it didn't help!

And one more interesting thing: I have a bay where I can put in a
CD-ROM, a floppy or a battery.

And if the CD-drive is in the bay (may be without any CD), it boots OK
even with the vga=303 800x500 framebuffer.

any ideas?

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