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Subject: Re: mobile SMTP ?
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2004 21:04:28 +0200
From: Jerome BENOIT <jgmbenoit@wanadoo.fr>
Reply-To: jgmbenoit@wanadoo.fr
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To: Koen Vermeer <koen@qi.tnw.tudelft.nl>
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Thank you very much for your answers.

Koen Vermeer wrote:
On Sat, 2004-10-09 at 14:34, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

curently my laptop box have a mobile IP (managed by the ddclient package).
This greatly simplify my ssh connexions when I move between different place.
Nevertheles, I have yet to change my SMTP stuff in order to send my email
with respect to the place where I am:
is there some kind of dynamic SMTP stuff ?
is there a Debian way to deal with it ?

If the number of locations/SMTP servers isn't too large, you can
probably just list all of them in your MTA's configuration. I'm using
postfix, with one server in 'relayhost' and two in 'fallback_relay'.
Before, I used nullmailer, which also provided this functionality.

Is it easy to do with exim4 ?



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