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Re: mobile SMTP ?

El sáb, 09-10-2004 a las 14:34 +0200, Jerome BENOIT escribió:
> Hello List,
> curently my laptop box have a mobile IP (managed by the ddclient package).
> This greatly simplify my ssh connexions when I move between different place.
> Nevertheles, I have yet to change my SMTP stuff in order to send my email
> with respect to the place where I am:
> is there some kind of dynamic SMTP stuff ?
> is there a Debian way to deal with it ?

 If you have also the possibility of accessing remote port 25 (not only
ssh), you can also set up you laptop to use some SMTP server with SASL
auth or something similar.

 If you have your own home server from which you do send email, you can
read this mini howto I have written (for Postfix):

Also, the client part can serve to you.


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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