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Re: ThinkPad T30, ACPI: backlight stays on during suspend

Stefan Rotsch wrote:
Quoting eddyp:

How can I put my laptop to sleep in this case?

USB is known to raise some issues with ACPI S3. A possible workaround is
removing the trouble-making USB module before entering S3:

    modprobe -r uhci_hcd
    echo "mem" > /sys/power/state

After resume, reload the USB stuff:

    modprobe uhci_hcd

Works fine for me on a ThinkPad R32 (which won't suspend with "uhci_hci"
loaded either).


tanks, this worked...with some problems...

my laptop loads ohci_hcd
when coming back from sleep, I have to press the power button, and the system records that event after waking up and it shuts down my system... :(

I guess I'll have to hack a little the scripts for powerbutton and for lid (the intended purpose is to sleep on lid close) to detect when I pressed that power button after a sleep and ignore it...

I'll send the diff here...



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