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Re: pcmcia 3com 11 mbps wlan card on acer notebook


> The trouble I have is with my PCMCIA 3com "11 Mbps Wireless LAN PC
> Card" Model "3CRWE62092B" in my Acer Travelmate 529ATX-notebook
> (debian-sarge, 2.6.3 kernel).

> Does anybode use this wlan-card, too, and could give me some hints
> or installation guides? Which chipset does this card use?

I use it. I just reinstalled sarge and needed to refresh my memory on
how to activate the card. I saw your post when I googled for
'3crwe62092b debian'. I also got some matches that mentioned atmel.
Your card uses an atmel chip, and there is support for this in the 2.6
kernel. But the firmware is not shipped with the kernel. You'll need
to install the "atmel-firmware" debian package. This should get you
going (install that package and reinsert the card). 

More info on wireless configuration in the Debian Reference, see e.g.


The box said "Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, or better", so I installed Linux. 

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