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Re: create a documentation packages for each laptop brand - summary

Ay, caramba.  I am _really_ sorry for the delays.  Poor
Riccardo suggested this back in *July* and I'm just now
getting around to following up.  Stupid day job :(.

OTOH, here is what I have finally been able to get done:

   -- I scrounged some space for a Subversion repository on
      a fairly reliable server.  Alioth seems too fragile,
      my ISP was _not_ cooperative, so I dod what I could.
      A longer term home elsewhere would be good.  In the
      meantime, you can do the following to see what I've
      put together so far:

      $ svn co svn://svn.toolchain.org/svn/laptop-doc

      Please read the READMEs to review the use model I was playing
      with, and try out the scripts, and let me know what you think.

   -- You can install truly experimental versions of the possible
      packages by adding the following to your sources.list:

         deb http://toolchain.org/~ahs3/ /
         deb-src http://toolchain.org/~ahs3 /


         # apt-get install laptop-doc-dev laptop-doc-common

      You can pick up the packages directly from:


   -- I have not created an actual set of docs for a laptop
      yet, though the 'laptop-doc-dev' puts together the tools
      to make that possible.  Contributions are welcome :).  I'll
      start building one for the hp nc6000 as soon as I can.

   -- I decided on using docbook format for the content -- really
      just an extension of Riccardo's example in XML.  Best
      I can tell, this should give us the greatest flexibility;
      let me know if there's better ideas, though.  The laptop-doc-dev
      package provides a skeleton docbook file that needs a LOT
      of work (it's not that extensive of a skeleton).

Again, I apologize for the delays.  Hopefully, Riccardo will
still talk to me after all this time :)... and, I hope folks
are still interested in pursuing his proposal...

Holler if there's any questions/comments/concerns/ideas or

On Fri, 2004-07-23 at 09:45, Riccardo Vestrini wrote:
> I tried to create a sort of skeleton of a debian package, one which is 
> supposed to contain info for toshiba laptops
> (i realized that there are too many series of laptops -- may be it is 
> better to create a documentation package for each brand)
> and one which is supposed to contain info for laptops in general
> source packages are attached ... they are only a few Kb ...
> obviously they are incomplete, I will add something in the next days
> PLEASE do not su -c "dpkg -i " them! it will be useless and dangerous, 
> do not populate your laptop with broken packages :)
> inside doc-laptop I tried to create a script which is supposed to gather 
>   useful information and organize them inside an xml file, if we are 
> able to obtain (more automatically possible, may be asking questions 
> with debconf?) informations about used configuration and working devices 
> we can create a template of a web page and then submit that to 
> linux-on-laptop
> i thought about xml since it could be easy emailed to an hipotetical 
> package mainteiner and trasformed into a web page
> Al Stone wrote:
>  > Hm.  If no one else wants, to I'm foolish enough
>  > and interested enough to try to organize this effort.
> may be that in the mean time organization will be enought if you (or 
> some other) can obtain/provide a cvs/arch repository, so that interested 
> people can begin putting information
>  > Just don't make me regret it :-)...
> I will personally take any effort to fill-up you email and damage your 
> website :)
>  >
>  > What I would also like to suggest is that we find
>  > some way to cooperate with tuxmobil and linux-on-laptops
>  > -- we use their info and we share with them what we
>  > gather.  I think everyone would win if they get up-to-date
>  > info -- which means we get it, too -- and they end up
>  > with an easy way to redistribute their info and keep
>  > it up-to-date for their users.
> what about creating an html report for each debian laptop user?
> in exchange each doc-vendor package mainteiner will grab information 
> from their site from time to time
> I think there are enought interested people, I will post from time to 
> time these two packages; i'm not able to set up a source repository (may 
> be on september, when i will come back to university i will)
> I will do a brief summary of interested people
> Robert Goley wrote: <ragoley@rdasys.com>
>  > I like the idea and would be willing to contribute. I have access to a
>  > few laptops.  I am relatively new to debian packaging though.  I have
>  > created some basic configuration packages.
> 1
> Ralph Crongeyer wrote: ralph@crongeyer.com
>  > I think that is a great! idea. Maybe two packages though laptop-common
>  > and laptopbrand-laptopseries.
> good
>  > And "maybe" (just a thought) have say,
>  > laptop-common install a set of packages common to all laptops and
>  > laptopbrand-laptopseries install a set of packages specific for that
>  > brand and series as well as the other information you listed below.
>  > Then the user would have a basic setup for their laptop that worked
>  > and then
>  > he could read through the documentation to find out more information.
>  > Just my thoughts.
> i'm a little dubious about that ... probably it is better to stick at 
> simple documentation, for now
> 2
> Werner Heuser wrote: <Werner.Heuser@web.de>
>  > For the laptop-common package you may take the
>  > "Unofficial Debian Laptop Proposal" into account:
>  > http://tuxmobil.org/debian_linux.html
>  > It includes a suggestion of Debian packages suitable for
>  > laptops.
> i will download the page soon
> 3
> Al Stone wrote: ahs3@fc.hp.com
>  > This is an excellent idea.  I'm willing to help, too.
> 4
> Charles Plessy wrote: charles-debian-nospam@plessy.org
>  > 	Maybe you could prepare a sort of template, so that it would
>  > be possible to contribute patches, without having to spend hours
>  > thinking how to organise the informations ?
> 5?
> Antonio Expósito Lorenzo wrote:  <antonio.exposito@eresmas.net>
>  > Good idea, but who will be its manager?
> i vote for the first who will provide a cvs repository :)
> 6?
> Robin Haunschild wrote: <H@unschild.de>
>  > I have a new Acer Aspire 1513LMi and would like to share my
>  > experiences. ;)
>  > When I have time, I write a report for l-o-l and tuxmobile. If Your idea
>  > with the Debian-package will come, I would like to write a package for
>  > the Acer AspireLMi.
> 7?
> Emmanuel Halbwachs wrote: <Emmanuel.Halbwachs.NoSpam@lpn.cnrs.fr>
>  > I like the idea.
>  >
>  > I unfortunately have no time to help the developpement but if I can
>  > help by testing on my laptop or re-reading, I shurely will add
>  > my 2 cents.
> 8?
> Romana Branden wrote: <romana@timelady.com>
>  > oddly enough, halfway through my howto on acer aspire 1350 with sid, and
>  > wireless cards/usb stuff.
>  > (REALLY rough draft form, incomplete, but enough to get idea:
>  > http://www.timelady.com/~romana/acer.html
>  > bult a custom kernel for this boxen as a deb i'd be happy to contribute
>  > too:)
>  >
>  > i'd be happy to be involved further.....
> 9
> -- sorry for the others, I was tired of killing and yanking :) ---
> bye
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