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Re: Touchpad functionality dissappeared for no apparent reason!

On September 27, 2004 03:24 pm, Sebastian Tennant wrote:
> Until recently, my Dell Latitude L400 touchpad was being happily detected
> by my Linux kernel (2.6.7) at bootup, and was working fine in X, but then
> mysteriously dissapeared? I suspect a blundering apt-get install of udev
> which appeared to erase /dev/fd0. However, I was able to recreate /dev/fd0
> by re-booting with the floppy drive attached, (after apt-get purging udev),

But isn't that exactly what's supposed to happen?  If you don't have your 
floppy drive inserted, you hardly need to have a /dev/fd0.

>  but re-booting without my USB mouse attached has not revived my touchpad
> :-(

Did you always have to do that?  I do. I can only attach my USB mouse (on an 
Inspiron 2500 w/ 2.6.7) _after_  I get the Synaptics pad recognized.  I'm 
sure that's something to do with the ordering of the loading of various 
modules, because I can get X to start up if I very carefully remove all the 
modules, then modprobe psmouse, then start X, then connect the USB mouse. 

I wonder it it would help to add mousedev to /etc/hotplug/blacklist and 
modprobe it later...

w/ 2.4.27 I can't use the USB mouse at all.  
> Attached is a relatively short diff of my last touchpad-successful boot
> compared with the following unsuccessful one.  As can be seen from the
> diff, it was being recognised as a "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad on
> isa0060/serio1".  Since then it hasn't been recognised once!
modprobe psmouse
(which will also insert hid and evdev, maybe others)

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