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Re: Dell 8600 gdm startup problem

* Wendy Leigh Vandoolaeghe <wlv21@hermes.cam.ac.uk> [040921 10:24]:
> Hi
> my laptop battery ran out of power whilst I was in X mode (using gdm not 
> xdm). When I rebooted, it failed to start the Xserver. how can i fix the 
> problem?

It seems that others have addressed the specifics of your xserver
configuration problem. I'll just point out a general approach on what to
do if there is some problem during an upgrade.

First you need to see if there are any packages in at "bad" state.
Do the following

`dpkg --audit'

If this returns nothing, then all is well. Otherwise you need to
configure the "pending" packages. Do the following:

`dpkg --configure --pending'

After that, run `dpkg --audit' again so make sure everything is now ok.

Then finally, to make sure that all packages really were downloaded
and installed, try running the upgrade again:

`apt-get upgrade' or `apt-get dist-upgrade'



Debian 3.1
Linux twofish 2.6.8-looxt93c3 i686 GNU/Linux

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