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Re: Toshiba Libretto 50CT

Hi Willie,

On Thursday 16 September 2004 11:43, Willie McKemie wrote:
> When pcmcia wasn't detected, I searched around a bit and
> found that many Toshibas use a relatively rare Toshiba pcmcia chip.  I

Probably a ToPic something or similar?

> decided that this chip was supposed to be controlled by module tcic
> rather than the more common yenta_socket.  However, no joy there;
> "insmod tcic" told me "no device found".

yenta_socket is primarily for Cardbus-compatible 32bit controllers. My 
3480CT allows a BIOS choice of Cardbus or 16bit-Compatible for the PCMCIA 
controller. The former works with yenta_socket, but you might try the 
latter. It then might even work with the i82365 driver, so it does on my 

By the way, have you tried http://www.linux-laptop.net?

Best regards,
 Frank Trenkamp                     frank at trenkamp dot org
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