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On 3 Sep 2004, Ognjen Bezanov wrote:
> As we already seem to be on the subject of GUI's i would like to know how to
> set up Windowmaker.
> I have a (very slow) laptop which i use an an access point and storage
> server, and i was thinking of installing a GUI which will only be needed
> occasionally, 

Are you sure that installing X and a window manager is what you really
want to do on this machine?

Obviously I don't know your intended use, and you could intend to use it
for graphical web browsing, making X a prime choice, but...

...if you intend to use X as a way to get in and manage the system,
perhaps a web-based administration tool such as 'webmin' would better
meet your needs?

Others have, of course, answered your question about how to install

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