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Cheers! found it, ill also have a look at some other windowmanagers (fluxbox
looks interesting)

P.S once installed, will it start up by default or will i have to type
something (e.g. startx wmaker)
i would want it not to load on startup but rather only when i type startx
(or something like that)

do i need additional configuration to do that?

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am Freitag, 3. September 2004 13:15 schrieb Ognjen_Bezanov:
> As we already seem to be on the subject of GUI's i would like to know how
> to set up Windowmaker.
> I have a (very slow) laptop which i use an an access point and storage
> server, and i was thinking of installing a GUI which will only be needed
> occasionally, i need a windowmanager which will consume very little
> resources (i only have 32mb ram) and take little space, i thought
> windowmaker would be a good choice but how do i install it, what package
> name is it under "apt-get" - also i do not want ant other WM's (e.g. gnome
> & KDE) as i dont have space for them, so how do i install just

apt-cache search windowmaker
shows many packages related to windowmaker. You seem to be searching for
There are some usefull packages wm* for Windowmaker. Maybe You want to
some of them, too. ;)

But Windowsmaker isn't the only light weight WM. Think about Fluxbox,
Blackbox, XFce, IceWM, ... .



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