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Re: proposal: create a documentation packages for each laptop brand-serie

On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 09:26:54AM -0400, Ralph Crongeyer wrote:
> I think that is a great! idea. Maybe two packages though laptop-common 
> and laptopbrand-laptopseries. And "maybe" (just a thought) have say, 
> laptop-common install a set of packages common to all laptops and 
> laptopbrand-laptopseries install a set of packages specific for that 
> brand and series as well as the other information you listed below. Then 
> the user would have a basic setup for their laptop that worked and then 
> he could read through the documentation to find out more information. 
> Just my thoughts.


For the laptop-common package you may take the
"Unofficial Debian Laptop Proposal" into account:

It includes a suggestion of Debian packages suitable for 


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