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Re: Un-installing this......

Daniel Pittman wrote:

On 8 Jul 2004, Jeff Avveduti wrote:
Daniel Pittman wrote:
On 8 Jul 2004, Bill Gladney wrote:

I see all kinds of help files.....in here on this site.....but noticed
there is not one piece of info on how to get this program off a
That isn't usually such a problem, so people don't document it much. :)

maybe 'cause it's impossible to do.....or what...if
OK, you will need these things your Windows install CD......<snip>

Well, before you spend the money on a new hard disk,....<snip>

Your quoting of my message is ... interesting in the use (or, rather,
lack) of context.

Bill wrote to the list asking for help removing Linux from the laptop,
and stating that he had failed to do so.

He also said that he was serious enough about this that he would
purchase a new hard disk if he could not get that assistance, and I
suggested paths that will result in a lower cost for him.

He had not, at any stage, chosen to install Linux, nor had he purchased
the second hand laptop knowing that it had Linux installed.

He had, in fact, come to the conclusion that he had made a bad decision
in purchasing a laptop since it was not, for him, at all usable.

Further, he stated that he had located documentation on basic Linux use,
and that he had tried (and failed) to remove Linux previously.

Your quotes ... suggest that I have originated the idea of moving to
Windows and of purchasing a new hard disk. That is not very nice, and I
certainly don't appreciate your doing so.

[... advice on basic Linux documentation ...]

What exactly are you trying to uninstall? The OS? A program? I know it
seems frustrating but keep going.. perhaps a Live Cd or dual booting the
system maybe the best route for right now.

...did you actually read much of the original posting? Bill has located
documentation on using Linux, and is not interested in doing so.

You might also have noticed that the original poster had, in fact,
purchased the laptop second hard, with Linux already installed, and was
not able to make use of his new system it the current state.

Really, you would have helped the cause of Linux a great deal more by
providing assistance to Bill in achieving his goal, rather than making
suggestions that would be applicable to someone who had chosen to use
Linux, rather than been stuck with it.

<reminder flame_retardant=on>
Ladies and Gentleman, remember what is was like when starting out. Let's
help someone into the Linux community, not ridicule them or demean them.

Perhaps you should consider omitting sections of your text that you
expect to incite trouble, rather than stating inflammatory[1] opinions,
then saying "oh, but don't take offense at it."

That said, the idea that it is unhelpful and inflammatory to provide the
help that was specifically requested by the original poster, rather than
engaging in Linux advocacy, is rather weakly argued in your posting.

I would also ask that you do not suggest that by supplying step by step
instructions to the original poster on how to achieve his goal - even
when that involves removing Linux - is intended to "ridicule and demean"

It seems unfortunate that you chose to interpret my providing genuine
assistance in a topic that is, in fact, almost entirely undocumented as
an attack on Linux, or some other form of troll...

Good day.

Footnotes: [1] Not that I consider this paragraph the inflammatory part of your
    message, but you certainly seem to.

Then stop arguing all of us, and give him a little help.., ethen to remove Linux from his laptop :)! Who does't ..? Or help him by his technical explanations to appreciate our OS, by the help he'll provide him generously ?

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