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Re: Un-installing this......

On 8 Jul 2004, Bill Gladney wrote:
> I see all kinds of help files.....in here on this site.....but noticed
> there is not one piece of info on how to get this program off a
> computer...

That isn't usually such a problem, so people don't document it much. :)

> maybe 'cause it's impossible to do.....or what...if
> possible....how...?

OK, you will need these things your Windows install CD. If you don't
have one, you *will* need to go out and buy a copy of Windows -- or
contact the person who sold the laptop to you and ask for the licensed
copy that was originally sold with it...

If you have Windows 2000 or XP, that should be all you need. In that
case, just do this:

1. put the CD into the CD drive
2. start the laptop
3. go into the BIOS configuration
4. set the laptop to boot from the CD
5. save that change and exit the bios configuration

At this point you should boot into the Windows setup system. Just follow
the prompts and you should end up with a working Windows system at the
end of it all.

You will need to delete the existing partitions and create new ones,
when prompted.

If you have Windows 98, and probably ME, you will also need:

1. a DOS or Windows boot floppy with 'fdisk.exe' on it

You need to perform these steps, *then* follow the instructions as per
Windows 2000 (but with you 98 CD, of course. :)

1. Insert the boot floppy in the floppy drive
2. Boot from the floppy drive
3. Run the command 'fdisk /mbr'
4. Remove the boot floppy.
5. Follow the instructions as per Windows 2000 install above.

> ....oh yeah..got to by pass user ID and password also...'cause I don't
> have a clue as to what they were...thought I was getting a deal on a
> laptop...but wound up with this mess...have no idea what this
> operating system is all about...but I know I don't want it on this
> computer...

You probably did get a reasonable deal on the laptop. :)

Anyway, the purpose of the OS is the same as Windows - to make it easier
to run software on the machine. It is *different* from Windows, though,
which can be difficult to manage when you are not familiar with it.

I expect that the seller simply expected you to install a new operating
system on the machine which is why they didn't supply the username and

> got to be a scientist to use it....and I thought Win XP was bad....and
> DOS ....hah....If you all can help me give me a holler....if
> not....I'll rip the hdd out....and go get another...

Well, before you spend the money on a new hard disk, you should be able
to find a computer shop or something -- even a friend who has a kid who
is a bit of a computer whiz -- and pay them substantially less than the
cost of a new hard disk to install Windows for you.

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