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Help with Linksys WPC11


I have a problem with my WPC11. It works fine with a 2.4 bf24 kernel from the 3.0 debian net install cd but I can't make it work under 2.6.6 kernel on the unstable branch.

Don't matter wich driver I use, it always times out when I insert it.
I tried wlan orinoco and now i'm with hostap.

hostap gives me:

hostap_cs : index 0x01 : Vcc 5.0 , irq 11, io 0x0100-0x013f
hostap_cs : Registered netdevice wlan0
hostap_cs : card initialization timed out.

My machine is a Compaq Armada e500 laptop with a yenta based pcmcia bridge.

Thank you for your help

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