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Re: low runtime with acer travelmate 290lci (centrino)

On Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 12:04:42PM +0200, Sebastian Mangelkramer wrote:
> hello dear list,
> my acer travelmate 290lci (centrino) laptop drives me crazy because the 
> runtime when i`m on battery is just about 1h 30min.  i`m using debian 3.1 
> sarge with kernel 2.6.7, cpudynd, hdparm with hdd-spindown, ....
> even if the cpu runs @50% the runtime is about 1h 30 min.
> i don`t know why.
> the same laptop running under windoze xp makes more than 4 hours.
> are there any tipps or solutions for my problems ?
> p.s. all extra hardware ist off (wlan, pcmcia, ...)

I own the same laptop, tm291lci (centrino 1.4 + 30Gb HD, 855 graphics,
intel 2200 wireless lan) and it runs for about 4h.
my config is:
loaded modules (or statically compiled into kernel): 
cpufreq_userspace, speedstep_centrino.
userspace governor: powernowd
cpu speed is almost always 600MHz. It increases only when needed (that's
powernowd simple policy).

For what I've seen it seems that with linux batteries last longer than
with winXP, at least using wireless lan. 

btw my laptop is shipped with intel2200 wlan adapeter (56MB/s capable)
and currently there's no usable opensource driver available (ipw2100
cannot be used for intel2200 and ipw2200 is still in alpha). that's not
a big deal since ndiswrapper works fine (WEP is unsupported though).

anyway it could be some problem with your battery. could you post
cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/info ?


PS anyone got suspend to ram working with this laptop?
Leonardo Canducci 
GPG Key ID: 429683DA

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