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AW: Fwd: Re: Going wireless

sorry, missed the thread from the beginning.

What if you try the steps manually (1. associate to WLAN, 2. register to network, get IP connectivity)

Do you have the wireless tools? iwconfig etc?

Try manually

# ifconfig wlan0 up
# iwconfig wlan0 mode managed essid "SSID_name"

look up essid in your windows client under network properties or something like that. (right click network symbols or wlan driver icon or start -> ... -> network... 

# dhcpcd wlan0
... perhaps with debug options to see what happens. You must get an IP adress and gateway, name server etc.

look what 
# iwevent
says, or
# iwpriv

Maybe the dhcp server gives only addresses to registered hosts...

Maybe there is additional authentication required (EAP).


Erik Hofmann

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>On Tue, Jun 22, 2004 at 05:36:12PM -0600, Marvin Gerardo 
>Aguero Salazar wrote:
>> Ben, I appreciate your help. I'll visit the sites you 
>provided me with.
>> > > Secondly, one my co-workers is right next to me and he 
>is working 
>> > just> fine with his wireless card in the windows world. That tells 
>> > us that
>> > > there is an access point close by. At the hotel where I am 
>> > staying at
>> > > there is also a WiFi network. I have been unable to scan a 
>> > network on
>> > > either environment.
>> > 
>> > I suggest you find out from your friend what settings his card 
>> > produces 
>> > i.e. essid, frequency etc. put all of that in your 
>> > /etc/network/interfaces (assuming that is where you are putting 
>> > your 
>> > settings..
>> Well, that's part of the problem. I don't know how to pull that
>> informatio out his machine in MS-Windows world. :-)
>> [Your analisys about Windows and worms is pretty funny :-)]
>> Anyway, I think my problem relies in the fact that I cannot 
>change any
>> of the values ndiswrapper puts there for me. Once the wlan0 device is
>> there, I have been unable to change essid, frequency, etc.
>> The only one parameter I have been able to change is the mode. Going
>> from ad-hoc to managed, but that's about it.
>> Well, thanks again. I will visit the sites to see what new I 
>can learn.
>Reading through all your posts again, I wonder...
>	- Did you try your wireless card in the windows computer of your
>	  co-worker?
>	- Is there some kind of MAC-address authentication present in
>	  the Access Point?
>	- Did you try both of the drivers at
>	  http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/supported_chipsets.html ?
>To elaborate on point 2: at work, I couldn't obtain an IP address
>through the access point. I don't recall the exact symptoms, so this
>might not be your problem at all. The point is that access points can
>authenticate clients based on their mac address (hardware address). If
>your card is not registered with the access point, and the access point
>is in this mode, you won't get access.
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