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Does waproamd work with orinoco cards?

I've got a Dell Inspiron with their built-in TrueMobile 1150... which the linux kernels see as an orinoco.

It works fine but, since some of the wireless lans I use have WEP enabled, I'm looking for something that can automatically detect access points and automatically set the WEP key to the one that I need.

Waproamd is supposed to do this, but it doesn't seem to like my card. When I run it, it immediately dies unless I run it with the "-M" (monitor) swtch. The man page says of this option: "Don't fail when the network interface is not available, instead use NETLINK to monitor device avaibility. The is useful for PCMCIA devices and similar"

So, I guess it's normally failing because the interface isn't available. Is there a way that I can make it available, or does waproamd not work with the stock Debian 2.6 kernel's orinoco driver?

- Joe

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