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Laptop recommendations

I'm probably going to be buying a new laptop over the summer to use at
school in the new academic year.

Apart from the usual things - installs debian (sarge) with no
(significant) problems, etc - I have one requirement which is crucial
and yet, I suspect, not entirely usual: I *must* be able to display on
an external projector/monitor (preferably 1024x768, which is the
maximum our college projectors will handle) reliably, preferably via a
Function-key/BIOS switch, as getting it to work consistently via
software (using atitvout on my Dell Latitude CPx) has been a
persistent headache for the last academic year. And it needs to be a
3-way switch: the BIOS on my Dell will display on the laptop screen or
externally but not both, which was a major pain in class.

So - any recommendations? Doesn't have to be superfast or equipped
with lots of bells and whistles - in fact I'd prefer it to be cheap
and functional: I've got a desktop at home for CD-burning and the

Oh yes, wireless networking is a highly desirable feature also. And
I'd rather go for an AMD chip, but this is a preference rather than a

Thanks in advance for all advice.
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