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Re: List based subject line

Am 2004-05-26 20:55:37, schrieb Larry Colen:
>I use this account for all my linux related mailing lists. All of the
>lists but this one have the list name at the start of the subject:
>Subject: [debian-laptop] list based subject line
>I'd like to propose that this list do so as well. I can't be the only
>person who would find it a lot easier to sort out their mail (and get
>rid of spam) if this were done.

You are very alone...

I am using the Console (have no need for X) and reed my Messages 
with 'mutt', which means, ich wie have a Subject "[debian-laptop]" 
I can not see the Subject anymore...

So your Idea is only for users ot the "Anti-Netiquette" which uses 
more then 72 Characters per line, speek Endless-Text, which I do not 

>   Larry


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