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Recommendations for network autoconfiguration

I've been taking a look at some of the various packages for network
autoconfiguration that are available, but I'm not all that sure about
which ones, if any, would work well with my setup, due to complexity.

I have a 10baseT USB NIC (pegasus), a 10/100baseT PCMCIA NIC (axnet_cs),
and an 802.11b PCMCIA adapter (orinoco_cs), with all drivers as modules.
What I want the autoconfigurator to be able to do is allow for delays to
be specified between module loading and configuration, have only one of
the three interfaces active at any given time with the active interface
being determined by when it was inserted and which interface it is,
automatic reconfiguration on certain timeout patterns, different WEP
keys used on different networks, and different configurations for stuff
like printing for the different networks.  All of the networks that this
laptop connects to use DHCP, I use a 2.6 kernel, and it would appear
that through /sys/bus/*/drivers I can find out when a module was loaded.

Any suggestions on how to get this done?


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