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Boot Sid from firewire HD [Was: Unidentified subject!]

Hi guys. I've just subscribed this ml I hope you can help me (and of
course I help you one time!)
I've a Dell Inspiron 5100. Well, had it :( yesterday my hd started
having read-write problems, I think it's goin' to death.
I realy need the laptop in this time (I'm doing my "Spamassassin" thesis
on it) so bought a firewire 5'1/4 box for use a HD of mine. For now I'm
using Knoppix 3.4 (wow! I'm doing the same things only a bit slower)
but I hope can install Debian and boot from the firewire hd box.
PS the bios let me boot form ie1394 (either from usb but i prefer

Thank u a lot for any help!

[PS Sorry for the previous mail]

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