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Attachment denied to customer in Tanzania

Hello debian team,
Iam writing this mail from Citibank Tanzania Limited a member of Citigroup
One of my  customers, BT Solution Tanzania Limited , a member of British
Telecomunication U.K ( Working under Ernest &Young Tanzania) have some
problems on the mail sent to him.
We have a system called CitiDirect for online banking where  our system is
generating bank statements and send them automatically to the customer after
encrypting them.
Before the statements is sent to the user, the system encrypt them first
where at the customer site they have to be decrypted.
Now the problem is that when the message comes your system  denied the
attachment and gives the message [' securiQ.Watchdog':Attachment denied].
The attachment was sent through secure email(encrypted) and the attachment
was in PDF format, when i tried to put in RTF format still the system denied

The receiver(user) email address is Cosmas.S.Lamosai@tz.ey.com  and the
sender email address is citidirect.onlinebanking@citicorp.com.
Please can you release the attachment since my client need this attachment
for his Bank reconciliation purposes.Alternatively, is there anything that
we need to do at our side in order for the attachment to come 
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Mangire Kibanda
Electronic Banking Support
Citibank Tanzania Limited
Tel (255) (22) 2117575 EXT 3302

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