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Re: hotplug vs pcmcia-cs


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On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 11:43:15PM +0800, Jiele wrote:
> Hi, everyone,
>     I need some hints on how to let hotplug manage my pcmcia wireless card.

Have you read my "Debian Reference"?  There Thomas gives good guide.


>     Until now, I have been using pcmcia-cs package to manage my Linksys
> pcmcia wireless card. It works great. I use the driver provided by kernel
> (2.6.4). For pcmcia-cs package, I only use its utilities (e.g. cardmgr,
> scripts, ...), not the its driver. But since I need hotplug to manage my usb
> stuff (memory key, mouse), I would love to have hotplug to manage my
> wireless card too!

Is this cardbus card?


>     If I boot my machine without starting pcmcia-cs service, I won't be able
> to "ifup eth1" (eth0 is the built-in ethernet card), even though all the
> driver modules are loaded. It complains "No such device". Plug in and out
> the card, I expect to see some log message by hotplug system at
> /var/log/message, but nothing at all! Now if I run "cardmgr", eth1 will be
> automatically up. This gives me some confidence that the drivers are fine.
> Here is my question:
> 1) Is it possible to get rid of pcmcia-cs package, and let hotplug to manage
> my card? All the drivers are provided by kernel.

If cardbus, yes.


> 2) I suppose kernel will send hotplug system some message when the card is
> plugged in and out. Is it true? If so, how to get that? FYI, when I plug in
> and out my usb mouse, hotplug gets called, and related message is logged
> into /var/log/message.

Which version are you running? unstable?

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