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Re: Install Report --- Dell 8200

I lived with it for a while because I was finishing my PhD, then moving, then
my wife and I had a baby... I would show you some convoluted scripts I used to
get java and ant to work in the cygwin directory structure, but all those
adjustmenst were wiped.

I tried compiling the acx100 0.2.0pre6 tarball and not the cvs version... I
also tried compiling it versus the kernel-source package without building a
kernel myself from the kernel-source package. I haven't compiled a kernel since
the 2.0 cycle of kernels and I have not used debian to make a kernel package,
but after reading a bit about it last night it looks like it's not too
difficult. After compiling the kernel, the acx100 drivers will probably
work. Because we have a 4 month old and my wife is usually working when I'm at
home I only have brief (30 minute to 1 hour) periods to work on the system, but
I'll give it another try this weekend and see how it goes.

On Wed, Apr 21, 2004 at 08:49:23PM +0200, debianlaptop@ferrando.co.uk wrote:
> Hi Chris,
>         amazed you could bear to use cygwin for so long. what are your
> problems with the acx100 driver? I have had no problem compiling the most
> recent CVS versions on my debian system. Unfortunately for me the driver
> simply doesn't work (the acx111 chip is not fully working yet). I found
> that compiling a separate module for a 2.4.x kernel works easier than
> compiling the 2.6.x versions 'in tree'...
>                         James

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