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Re: mobile phone nightmare

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 10:50:11AM +0100, Alessandro Speranza wrote:

> 1-Nokia 6610 (279 Euro!!!) with a usb cable (82 EURO!!!!!!!!) can do this
> 2-Siemens c 66 (I think) with camera (???) and usb cable (about 350 Euro 
> all together) can do this
> 3-Motorola c350 (99 Euro!?) with a simple (3 Euro or something cable) can 
> do this as well, but doesn't have the usless camera.

Someone told me that Siemens S55 does nice stuff (and comes with no
cameras!) when connected to a computer.  No USB cable, though, but

You should probably investigate in a bluetooth USB dongle to connect
newer mobile phones to your computer anyway.



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