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Re: which process is accessing my hard drive?

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 10:27:41AM -0700, s. keeling wrote:
> Incoming from Matt Price:
> > 
> > I'm trying to set my (aging) laptop up for maximum power
> > efficiency.  using hdparm, I set the spindown time very short, I don't
> > use x, and I've gone so far as to shutdown things like cron and atd.
> > Pretty much the only thing I have running is emacs (see the output of
> > ps, attached).  But somehow the hard drive keeps spinning back up
> > spontaneously.  Who's accessing my hard drive??  I don't have the
> > slightest idea how to find out, or (even better) figure out how to
> > stop it from happening.  
> I may not have your solution, but a couple of points:
>   - kswapd, bdflush, klogd _may_ be your problem.
if so, what should I do?  They have such low process numbers I've
always thought they were all absolutely essential.  Can I mess with

>   - do you really want portmap, inetd, xfs, and sshd running on a laptop?!?

> I can see inetd (my exim seems to need it), but if you never ssh
> _into_ that box, you don't need sshd.  You don't need portmap except
> if you're connecting to NFS, and xfs seems a waste of resources on a
> small box except if you're running apps that demand its abilities.

I actually DO ssh into the laptop sometimes -- not often, but
sometimes when transfering data I want to work excluseively on my
desktop... but I ought to be able to turn it off without any problem,
I'll do that.  

I don't really know what xfs is for -- occasionally I do work in a gui
on Openoffice -- since fonts were so hard to set up I'm loathe to mess
with them, but if in fact xfs is always unnecessary I'll just get rid
of it.  I just checked and the only other package apt wants to remove
with it is x-window-system.  Do you think that makes it safe to remove

Portmap I'll get rid of right now.

well, that's a start -- thanks!


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